Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are you feeling 'stressed'?

Recently I happened to see couple of video clippings showing how stress can take us mad at certain situations.  Watch these videos on

Though the videos were funny and interesting to watch, when I thought about the real situation which leads to such scenes, I decided to explore and understand more on this topic ‘stress’.  There are several types of stress and several factors that can lead to stress.  In today’s fast world due to overload of work or due to multiple tasking or due to the aspirations not met due to competition  or being unable to reach with existing pace of life, all can create stress.  We can see personal stress built from relationships; professional stress occurring from work atmosphere; social stress mounting from political and social surroundings and many more.  There are also negative and positive stress factors.  Positive stress is generally caused by added energy levels or increased anxiety and it can be sometimes good for us.  Think about a planned vacation date nearing and we start preparations for our trip, or receiving an employment offer as per our expectation.  What will happen to us if we happen to win a lottery? How exited one we be if his/her marriage is fixed?  Of course if we are a normal human all such situations will inspire us to become more creative and active.   We generally do not interpret them as ‘stress’ as it is good for us.  Stress is commonly associated with negative feelings occurred from unacceptable or unexpected situations.  In fact we all go through some kind of stress on a daily basis: like when we get stuck in traffic, not being able to reach for work in time, not being able to meet some of the family demands, thinking about raising kids, not getting along with spouses, finding difficulty in managing finance and daily budget, etc. 

‘Stress’ is not something new.  It has been there ever since man evolved and everyone has a different verge of stress or approach to stress.  Like feeling, stress is also a response to events.  When feeling is a response to events occurring through our mental stature, stress is a physical response to an event that can create an imbalance to our body and mind.  We feel vulnerable and sense nervousness, which can be real or mere imagination.  Sometimes stress becomes very common and we get habituated to it and feel normal, which is actually not good sign for us.  When too many thoughts bounce around our head, and when we are unable to prioritize or focus on our thought process, it is likely that stress can clasp us.

‘Stress’ whether it is negative or positive has to be in our control.  Controlled stress can be good for us and it may help us in meeting challenges and/or taking impulse action in traumas.  But when the ‘stress doss’ increases beyond a point, we tend to lose control of our thinking ability and eventually can lead to major damages and even to physical ailments.  Please remember that ‘stress’ can accumulate and blast.  It can bring variations to our body pressure!  It can affect our thought process! It can affect our behavior pattern! It can even lead to heart attacks! So it is very important to try and keep ‘stresses’ under control.  “Stress is the trashes of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life” (Danzae Pace).

The symptom of stress can be anything like memory problems, bad judgment, constant worry, short temperedness, feeling loneliness, and depression.  Physical symptoms can be like body pain, headache, rapid breath, chest pain and moodiness.   Some other symptoms are sleeping problems, getting addicted to drugs, differences in eating habits, getting nervous etc.  So how can we control our stress?  To control stress first we need to recognize what type of stress we are going through and if is affecting our mind and body in any way?  It is not easy to judge what quantity of stress is good or bad.  We have to find our own limits.  And how do we find our limits?  Through self-realization!  Through ‘Questioning’! Try and stay calm. Ask wise questions when under pressure or when we sense stresses. Stop worrying! We can manage stress if we keep our expectations realistic, if we plan properly, and realize our abilities.  Take appropriate stress relief measures.  It’s not even a bad idea to consult a counselor or a doctor as there are also several scientific ways to control stress.  Remember ‘stress is not something that happens to us.  It is our response TO what happens.  And RESPONSE is something we can chose” (Maureen Killoran). 
That’s it for now.  Hope you enjoy reading this.  Please do send feedback and suggestions.  Will see you soon with another topic!  Have a wonderful day!

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